About Me

First, I’m a mom of twins, who were born against all the odds February, 2014, via gestational carrier. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for  ten years, went from cycle charts to IVF, to  loss, it was a long and difficult process. But at 42 Jack and Fiona were born. I’m a painter and printmaker, I like to say artist but they said in art school I need to be more specific. I have a BFA and I received a Post Baccalaureate in 2012 from the San Francisco Art Institute focusing in printmaking. My studio is here, at home. It’s great to be able to dash in while the babies are taking a nap and do some quick paintings. My abstract work is about spontaneity, stream of consciousness and  Wabi Sabi. My figurative work is about loss, disappearance, a lot of it inspired by old pictures I found at my moms house after she died. My mom died in 2008 from a massive heart attack, I struggle with that so much. I have always been a writer. Although there was a period when I lost my voice, a long period. In High School I was on the school paper, I was passionate about writing. I wanted to be a journalist and interview people. Then at 15 I got pregnant and hid it from everyone until the baby was born. He died shortly after, I wrote a piece about it “Christopher Antonio Homer.” After that I struggled with drugs, dropped out of high school, hitch hiked and took the greyhound all over the country. (No, I wasn’t a dead head, just a searcher) At 20 I moved back to California, I forgot to say I am a native Californian. Born in San Diego, but Nor Cal is my true home. I went to Junior College and transferred to a four year. I’m a free spirit, atheist, liberal. I love religious people too, I just want to say that because I’ve noticed a lot of writers talk about their faith, especially Christians, and I accept it all. I’m not too political anymore after the government shut down, but I voted for Obama and am proud he was our president. I’ll definitely be voting for Hilary too!!!

I live in San Rafael, Ca. with my husband Alan, twin babies Jack and Fiona, and my Dog Billy.

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