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The problem with doing an IEP for my Deaf mainstreamed daughter It is stressful and makes me feel crazy Everyone is always super positive at the IEP meetings. Great ideas come out and great ideas are transformed into accommodations that literally become bound by law, but one year later we’re talking about the same things, […]

Dark room, 2:00 am, insomnia again. I lay awake, my mind starts to race. I think about my new situation with my son, I was informed last week “he doesn’t have the skills we want to see at this point in Kindergarten”. Not much has changed since our parent teacher conference in October, when we […]

“Hey, do you have a phone?” a woman asks people as they pass by in the plaza. “They always lie” she says looking my way. “Do you have a phone? My battery died” she asks me. “I think my batteries dead too” I say. Which is a partial lie. I’m sitting in the plaza eating […]

“Here’s the plate mom” Fiona says. She says it several times, I should have ran over and grabbed the plate. She was being helpful. I was too busy cooking dinner and gathering flashlights and candles for the safety box. Fiona had been putting the little tea candles back in the tin they came in. She […]

Early October. Sky blue, morning air cool, Fall light bounces off surfaces illuminating trees I hadn’t noticed before. Dragon flies flutter above in the afternoons. There is a stillness, maybe it’s created by that in between summer and winter. The school year has only just started but I feel like my kids have been in […]

A heavy load of sadness falls on my shoulders. Late Autumn winds blow, I listen to John Coltrane Quartet. My kids are at school, I have an hour of downtime left. Not really downtime. I’m writing my Artist Statement for the Sanchez Art Center 50/50 Show. My theme for this piece is treating my panels […]