My Peloton version 2

As of today I’ve done 999 Total Lifetime workouts, 691 Cycling, 116 Yoga classes, 75 stretch classes, 66 Meditation classes, 33 strength classes, and 18 cardio Interval workouts on my Peloton Bike! I can’t remember what year we bought the Peloton Bike. It was when my twins were still babies and the only gym that had childcare was really expensive.

I was already in shape because I had always been an active member of a gym. Working out has been part of my life forever. I’m the type of person, if I don’t exercise everyday I don’t feel right. Unless I’m exhausted or sick or hurt! Before my kids were born I had also been on a Triathlon team for a few years with our local YMCA.

I must also mention I practiced Yoga for several years in Yoga studios so I had been taught proper alignment in person for several years. And Finally I had some experience with mindfulness meditation.

So I did come to the Peloton having years of in person training in much of the class content in the Peloton App. I do think there are enough training videos and super beginner workouts on the App for a total beginner to begin any of the different types of classes. Even if you have never exercised before there are things for you on the Peloton Bike App.

This week they added a Peloton Barre Class. I was so excited, I’ve always wanted to do a Barre class. It is amazing! I took one yesterday and today. They are 20 or thirty minutes so they can stand alone, or are perfect to pair with another class. Today I paired Barre with a 10 minute hip stretch. Yesterday I was going to add a 20 minute night time yoga but the Garage repair guy got to our house so I ran out of time.

But that’s the beauty. You can do mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga or a cross fit style class. It’s an everyday piece of exercise equipment. No matter how much time you have to exercise or meditate theres a class for you. I love it, I am so grateful to have a Peloton it’s kept me healthy and saved my mental health, especially during this pandemic and Shelter in Place!

When I first started with Peloton I did like the social media part on Their FaceBook page and in the groups. Theres great support there if you need it. But I left that space after about a year I think.

I don’t know what I would do without my Peloton Bike. I want the Tread now!!!!