Random Tips for twin parents

Beach Trips:

What you need: (Infants to one- ish)

Sunscreen, hats with ties!, extra clothes, Bay area beaches bring clothes for freezing weather and hot weather, you never know what you’ll get. Blanket, if you’re parking by the beach bring a beach tent or umbrella, Lot’s of milk and food, more than you think you need. You need to bring food that you can feed your baby. Squeezy packs don’t work unless you are in control because he/she will put it down in the sand in between eating, that goes for all finger foods you might give your baby. Bring lots of water and food for yourself!

(Don’t forget the obvious/ Diapers, wipes, a bag for dirty diapers)

Going back to the gym! (With twins!)

1. Research all the gyms in your area. See which one fits your budget, has the amenities and classes you like. Check out the childcare facilities. See if they offer a “cooling off period” meaning you can join and try it out for a month to make sure it fits your families needs. 

2. Once you’ve signed up:

     -don’t expect instant success! Your body probably hasn’t worked out hard in a year! Your babies have never been left in “child care” they may freak out! ( don’t worry, they will get used to it in time, may start to enjoy it, and it’s good for them. 

     – take baby steps, start off slow, maybe 1/2 an hour to a full hour. 

      – timing is EVERYTHING! Go after they have a nap, when you know they are ready for activity time! 

    – pack your diaper bag and gym bag the day before. 

    – bring your babies lovies! 

       Snacks, bottles, diapers, clothes, over do it! 

– make sure you make your reservation. Since you have two babies you’ll need to learn the best times to go, when the childrens center has the right staff. 

Be proud of yourself! This is a huge time consuming, emotional, thing to do! But the rewards are worth it. You’ll feel better and have a new sense of freedom and empowerment! Your babies will experience a new environment and learn new social and coping skills. 

Last, expect obstacles, mishaps, and hurdles! It’s just life! 

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