Category: being an artist

The Pacific Ocean Is beautiful today, blue that goes on forever in the distance. I’m at Point Reyes Sea Shore. A bubble flies by me from Fiona’s bubble gun. My dogs panting and trying to get on my picnic blanket. I think the sand must be hot today. Alan, Jack, and Fiona are sitting in […]

Dried Flowers, lavender, buttercup, violet, brown velvet, and orange. They are flowers Fiona and I collected from the flowering plants of winter. She reminded me this morning they were hers too. “Don’t touch anything in my closet” I said to Fiona. “Don’t touch my dried flowers” I said. “They’re ours mommy” Fiona said. She was […]

The moment I walk into my studio I know this is precisely what I need to be doing right now. I am still out of white paint, so I need to think outside the box. I go in with a peach colored crayon. Then iridescent pearl, black, cerulean blue, green gold, a saturated bright, yellow, […]

Blue and Turquoise, abstract color play, figures, gardens. February painting. I never stop doing what I love, painting. I always paint, it’s consistent and will remain so until I die. In the last two weeks I have found myself not taking celexa.  At first, it wasn’t a conscious decision to stop, I was sick, missed […]

I cough, start to type. Today I am going to my studio to paint. It’s effort because I have a cough, woke up at 4:30 AM. It starts with a little tickle. The Nyquill and hot whiskey from the night before has worn off. I think, maybe the coughing will stop, maybe I can go […]