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No Nap Time Paintings Book, This year anyhow

I recieved my paperback copy of my book , Nap Time Paintings yesterday. I am totally dissapointed. It looks like a cheap overpriced magazine. It was marketed to me as a coffee table book. I shouldn’t have shared it on Face Book and Word Press before I recieved my copy, I was just so excited. This is what it looks like two days at home: 

The retail price is $41.99!!! Can you believe that? I’m so bummed. I don’t know how this happened, the only thing I can think is the company I’m dealing with is super unethical? 

Its a very sad thing.  

Have I been swindled? 

I recieved my Galleys yesterday for Naptime Paintings! The writing part of this project, the editing service, has gone well, so when I saw my manuscript interior and cover design yesterday I was disappointed.  The cover looks so cheesy, the titles of my paintings are super imposed on top of my paintings and they aren’t correct, they used the file names. This was a breakdown of communication for sure. Although I’ve sent examples of the feel of the book, the way I wanted my titles printed. Ugh. It feels like this company has never done an art book before. But I’m going to fix it. 

I feel like I over paid, but I’ll give the company a chance to make this right. 

Back to work!!!