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“Time to go for a walk babies, do you want to take Billy for a walk?” I say. We just finished eating pasta for dinner, “This is how we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face, this is how we wash our face early in the evening.” I sing as I attempt to […]

Drawing. Red. Rush. Heart Pounding. Newsprint. Red Watercolor Pen. Fast. Dishes piled up behind me. It’s beaten me. The endless piles of dishes and laundry. It’s different now. Big portions. Messy Messy all day long. Finding Mud Puddles. Ice Cream Cones. Lizards in the house. Spiders falling on the living room floor from Jacks shorts […]

“You need to wear a bra” said Timmy. I just want to run and hide right now. I thought they took me seriously. I finally got the boss to let me help train the new stallion. A dream come true. I’m working at a ranch as a trail guide, but I’ve convinced the boss to […]

I’m procrastinating, I’ve received two messages that need action. My Dad called two times in the past month, once for my birthday, two days late, Betty and my Dad sang Happy Birthday to me, and again two days ago, he said “I Love You.” The first thought that goes through my mind, what does he […]