Done with the funk

My mood has improved but all I want to do is paint. It’s not possible right now. I have prior longstanding obligations to attend. The refridgerator is humming. I wait for the haagen dazs to soften. I’m going to have to go hard at this kitchen in the morning. What can us ladies do to escape the slavery of these dirty rotten kitchens? I wish there was an invisible person who came in 3 times a day, after every meal time. The kitchen would be glistening. No sticky stuff on the granite, the counters would be dry not sopping wet. The floor, do I even need to explain the beautifully clean dry non sticky floor? Maybe someday they will invent one of these magic creatures. The beautiful creature on this picture is my girl Billy. She’s relaxing. Dessert is Finished. I must go now. 

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