I shared my story I wrote this morning on a page, a twin moms playgroup. I thought it would be insightful. The main themes of the piece were that some days are hard. It makes it that much more challenging to take care of twins. One year old twins walking is hard! They run in two separate directions. It’s twice as hard with twins and it gets harder. They get heavier, get into more dangerous situtaions, they start whining. I was told that my piece might scare new moms. They want to keep it positive. I also mentioned how moms lie, they tell you it gets easier. This apparently was a very bad thing to say. I don’t think parenting is easy. I don’t believe it’s any easier parenting teenagers than it is parenting infants or toddlers. Being a parent is hard. This doesn’t negate the love I feel for Jack and Fiona. Because I tell the truth about the difficuties it doesn’t mean that I don’t reap the rewards of being a parent.  


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