So many things to Worry about!

Oh no, someone posted an article on Facebook about how cell phones definitely cause cancer. How electromagnetic fields are emitted by cell phones so we are constantly being exposed to radiation. I’m freaking out. Our whole house is wireless, my husband’s office is in our house. Does that mean radiation is flying through our house at all times? There’s no way to turn it off, I wish I could pull a plug and everything would be off. Yikes! The article said a lot of weird crazy stuff, like how kids are more prone to brain cancer if they use cell phones because their skulls are softer and the radiation can go deep inside their brain. It could be fear mongering, I don’t know, I need a second opinion. , it seems like it might be an exaggeration when I read this article from the National Cancer Institute. Phew! But I still think cell phones shouldn’t be too close to our bodies! I especially think children should use them sparingly. It doesn’t take much to freak me out when it comes to technology and the end of civilization as we know it.

Today Heather is definitely starting her job with us. We are planning on going to Early Start, it’s the first day of summer school. When we get home I’m free for a few hours! I think I’ll definitely paint today. I might try to squeeze in a yoga class too. It’s gonna be a good day! I’m excited to have a helping hand. Jack and Fiona are still sleeping soundly, its 7:08am. Oh, I found out I’m not taking care of Fiona’s VaJJ correctly either from my “What to expect the second year.” I’m supposed to wash her off with fresh water after the bath, I did not know this and have not done this. It says the dirty, soapy, water can irritate her, it hasn’t happened yet, but? Luckily Jacks parts need no special care at this time. I did brush their teeth last night, I think they liked it. I had to let them do it themselves too and it was so cute. Fiona moved her head back and forth from side to side, she couldn’t figure out how to move the toothbrush side to side! It was so funny. I think my best course of action is to teach them as much as possible about personal care. Fiona is already using the washcloth to wash her belly and she even washed Jacks back!

There’s so many things to worry about. So many things to take care of or something awful is going to happen!! My Goodness! I just have to remember everything’s O.K. right now, nothing terrible has happened so far, we’re all surviving. I hope I didn’t freak my husband out, I basically told him he’s definitely going to get cancer from his IPHONE. Whoops! Sorry Alan, I don’t think he believes in that stuff anyhow. Babies are awake now. Time to go!

2 thoughts on “So many things to Worry about!

  1. As a physicist I feel like I should respond to this. I use a cell phone and have absolutely no worries about it. As the link you referenced says, there is no conclusive link to cancer and lots of evidence that there is no link at all. For the few inconclusive studies the researchers admit that the link is extremely weak, if there at all. There are lots of things that are bad for you. Cell phones are way way way down on the list, if they are even on it. I wouldn’t put much faith in a random post on Facebook from someone who probably has no training in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics. I believe the scientists at places like the National Cancer Institute who know how to conduct experiments and analyze data.

    In other words, don’t worry about it.


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