Dad’s visit Day two

There’s two rules for the fake stream at the discovery museum, one, no climbing in the stream and two, have fun. I am in the process of getting Fiona’s shoes on and a few ladies are calling for my attention. Jack’s in the stream stomping his feet, I go over and take him out. He climbs right back in. My words “No, you can’t climb in the stream” mean absolutely nothing, it’s like I’m not talking at all. He gets pretty wet, but he’s not fazed. We go play in the outdoor tot area and I’ve never seen Jack have such a good time. He runs around climbing on the rope ladder, climbs up and down the soft steps, and plays in the tunnel. This is the highlight of the day because there’s a big dirty puddle inside! He’s so excited and so wet and dirty! Lucky I have a whole new outfit for him! My Dad and Betty are with us and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. My dad helps watch the babies, he follows them, holds their hand when I tell him to. He’s gentle and surprisingly present. He’s very quiet and reserved. He’s still a free loader, but he’s definitely on his best behavior. Betty keeps him on his toes with her regular prodding. It feels strange to call him grandpa. But for the second time since my mom died I felt like a daughter, the first time was with Bruce when he came to visit. There’s something about that, I can’t quiet explain it yet, but it’s a place of comfort. Even though I have no relationship with my Dad. I’m sure he’ll ask us for something in the near future, like money, and he doesn’t get a free pass for treating Danny and I the way he did. But the visits not as dreadful as I imagined it would be.


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