These Days Happen

I don’t know how I feel right now because I’m so tired. I think I’m finally hitting a wall. I’ve been doing too much. Jack and Fiona have been bouncing off the walls so it’s been easier in a way to take them out. I think. They are super tired too, they couldn’t wait to take their nap today. I just wasted a whole hour on Facebook looking at people’s pages I don’t even know. Sometimes I get lost doing that when I’m really exhausted, I just zone out. I watched a video on a U-Tube Vlog starring a family who finds out they are pregnant one day, the husband dipped a test strip in the toilet after she peed so he could surprise her, and I guess the next day after the first video had gone viral she had a miscarriage. It was really weird, they told their two little kids and she was only two weeks late on her period. Apparently a lot of people watch the Vlog, their own reality show. I wasted a lot of time, but it doesn’t matter too much. I would like to paint or watch a movie. Or what I’d really like is to take a nap and wake up feeling fabulous! Full of energy with a crystal clear mind! But what I have to do is get through today, take care of Jack and Fiona, make dinner, bath and bottle time for babies, then I get to go to sleep. What can I do now to make myself feel better? How can I muster up the energy to do anything else today? I’m just too tired.

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