A Whisper

“Good Morning babies”

“Mama, bottle”

“Yes, Here’s your bottle”

Change diapers, dress in daytime clothes, time to go upstairs for breakfast. This way and that way, they go, separate directions. All I want to do is get upstairs with Jack and Fiona. I pick Fiona up and carry her up the stairs. Jack’s sidetracked, I call him. 



“Come on upstairs Jack, time for waffles”

Finally, both babies are upstairs. I keep my cool. I’m trying to slow down, be in the “moment” notice whats happening in the crevices of time. The parts that get covered with dust, hidden and forgotten. 

Yesterday I didn’t have much time to work in my studio, not any really. I had a dentist appointment, a meeting  with Fiona’s school, grocery shopping and laundry to do. My mind kept worrying about this so I kept repeating  my Mantra to myself all day,  “just relax, don’t stress, you have time”  I decided to  work  in my studio for a half hour at the end of the day. My goal, make one piece. I did, after ripping and tearing, searching my studio floor for inspiring bits,choosing and assembling, scribbling and painting, I had one. I had one piece, I liked it, I liked where it was/ is taking me. I thought of a whisper as I looked at it. A thought, something from those cracks in the floor boards. 

I’m trying to find ways to slow down, to not feel rushed. To feel I do have time to whisper a thought. I do have time to get Jack and Fiona from one place to another without loosing my mind in frustration. 

The leaves are turning and falling, the sky is grey. Things to notice on our way. 

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