Friday was a good day. I wrapped up my idea for my new book. It was intense, difficult, challenging. This book took a lot of work to get to this stage. I almost gave up on writing a chapter book, But I broke through this morning and figured out the flow I want. Now I need to write it. I have the rough, rough, draft. But I’ve hashed out my most important points. Now is the artistic part. One of my writing teachers once said when she does her re-writes she starts over completely. She re-writes everything from scratch. I’m tempted. I’ve learned how many words I can type a day. My initial goal was to start with writing ten minutes a day. And I will keep this as the bare minimum. But I do have time to write for one hour- at-least everyday, as long as I completely commit to coming straight home After I drop off Jack at school. Or I can skip the news in the morning, wake up early and write. Either way I’m covered.

I went to see some art shows at The Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco today. I’m going to write about what I saw. There was so much good stuff. I need to go back.

Time to go now.

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