Triggers of Anxiety: Homeschool

Tonight our school district will present the on-line proposed schedule to the School Board. I read through everything and had a panic attack. The schedule is all day on-line with “brain breaks”. My daughter can’t understand much on-line and the interpreter was almost impossible to use. My son was impossible to get on-line. He hated being on-line last Spring with every morsel of his body. To get Jack to do 30 minutes of quality on-line with a teacher was a huge feat and accomplishment.

I was looking forward to homeschooling this year. I never would have imagined the school to expect six year old children to be on-line from 8-3 everyday. This schedule also logistically would require Jack and Fiona to be in the same class. It’s a real mess. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel like I’m set up to fail before I even begin.

I’m freaking out. How will I ever get in my studio? How will I be an effective teacher? How can we stay isolated for an unknown period of time? I’m having a freak out day.

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