The New Fort and a school board meeting

In my downward dog Jack opens the door excited with his backpack in hand.

“I’m gonna pack snacks for my new fort!” He says.

“What fort?” I ask

“My outside fort” he says.

The good news is Jack and Fiona have been LOVING outdoor play! FINALLY. They were really scared for awhile about coyotes. Which is a healthy fear. But the Fort is in a place, above the BBQ on a retaining wall with access to the roof. I had a wire fence they bent up and went under. I should have used barbed wire. It’s the most dangerous place they can be at a time my son thinks he’s the best at parkour ever. Next he’ll be jumping from roof to roof.

And the school expects this kid to sit in front of a computer for half the day with one ten minute break and one 20 minute break, brain breaks. I think it’s crazy talk! I sat through a three hour board meeting last night. It was long but I’m glad I did it.

Guess what? No mention of a DHH education plan, neither virtually in the near future or during re-entry, when masks and six feet distance will cut off communication for my daughter entirely.

I’ve let my voice be heard and plan to attend the Town Hall meeting and prepare a comment for the board.

Developmentally my son is into moving his body, being dirty and experimenting with everything. He asks questions and thinks deeply all day. I hope the district modifies their online plan for young children that sets us up to succeed. I hope the district sets up a real DHH online program for my daughter that she can do for the whole year, hopefully transferring to in person, a self contained DHH class.

I am doing better mentally now that I’m writing and working a bit in my studio.

One thing I learned this week, there are more voices that sound just like mine and hearing those voices speak up is power! I heard parents I don’t know and teachers state my same concerns. It’s hard to follow my gut, I feel like I’m not worthy for some reason or I’m crazy.

Working on my strength. Now the kids are headed up to “the fort” Gotta Go!

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