I hope in the End Equal Access to Education for all wins

Just as I predicted Jack made his way onto the Roof. I caught him leap from the Roof to the Shade roof over the BBQ. I saw him get on top of the basketball hoop. I had to pull out all stops. My “GET DOWN FROM THAT ROOF NOW!” needed to be firm and non-negotiable. At first there was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Fiona was upset too because she said “If Jack gets to do it I do”. I remember when I was a kid hearing stories of kids messing around on top of roofs and one kid falling. I never saw it happen, but I remember the stories. After I was firm with Jack I told him how much I loved him and that I didn’t want him to die. Jacks an intense kid. I am trying to prepare myself for a turbulent homeschooling experience. I can’t chain him to the desk in front of a computer and force him to participate.

I also found out today a DHH virtual teacher is off the table at this point. Now I have anxiety over Fiona’s education too. Again I will have to fight to get Fiona the education she deserves with equal access to communication. It’s on going, year after year. I’ve hidden a lot of my blog posts about the school district and DHH education and my daughters experience being mainstreamed. Any change takes SO much work. But a silent voice is a powerless voice. An unheard voice is a powerless voice and right now there is no voice speaking for DHH students or even Special Ed students as a whole. No plans have been mentioned about our re-entry into school. It’s gone beyond that. We were told no, no special teacher or program to ensure equal access to communication. This time it’s not a choice though. This one I’m taking to the end of the road, hoping that in the end equal access to education for all wins.

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