New Light

I started over again,

With new blinds that darken the house during the day,

Shadows cast across the walls,

Lights off, except a very few,

All power to the AC.

Urges to open everything have started to fade. I still long to sit under the Oaks and Bays,

But now, in these days of 107 degrees, even under the trees burns.

I like fresh air coming through the windows and sunlight, morning, noon and night.

Now I relish in the dark, cool, daytime light.

I relish behind screens, bluelight, and the sound coming from my sons headphones.

I workout on a screen, my Peloton Bike. Peddling, doing yoga, and meditating like at the gym, but alone with a screen. No checking out other peoples work out clothes or striking up an interesting conversation before or after class.

I’m taking ASL online with meet ups online to practice with other students.

I already told you they put fresh caution tape up at the park and I just read an article about how bad Coronavirus will be this winter, they predicted this. As well as saying the number of deaths is really bad even though it doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the amount of people in the entire world.

So the new light is the new opportunity to hunker down once again and ride this pandemic wave. I am prepared, I am ready.

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