More Hope, Less Worry

Good Morning! I’m feeling better now. Last night I read The Worry Box-

It’s a super cute story about cute bears and bunnies, one of the bears talks about a Worry Box he made to put his worries in. When the other characters start to worry, they learn about the worry box and learn to put their worries away. Today Jack, Fiona, and I are making our own worry boxes! I’m excited to put my worries in a box. To live by the words of my therapist, “we only know what we know”.

I am going to enjoy these next two weeks with Fiona BEFORE we turn on the Cochlear Implant, because I do know my role will change again. The dreaded enforcer of Cochlear Implant wearing, the audiology appointments, the Mapping,,and%20needs%20of%20its%20user.&text=T%2DLevels%2C%20or%20Thresholds%2C,tolerable%20for%20the%20CI%20user.

This is the first definition/information I found on the computer search, and you can see it’s from a Listening and Spoken Language person. That’s what the cochlear implant is all about. I’m not endorsing this website. It’s for information.  And this as far as I will go writing about this now, I will document the journey in real time as it happens.

Today I start my art projects, I’m painting, I’m writing, I’m balancing.

Fiona’s ear is healing very nicely, so that’s great, there doesn’t seem to be any lasting side effects externally from the surgery, no facial paralysis or infections. She hasn’t complained of headaches, pain, or tinnitus.

My next entries on my blog will be stories and art! Less worry, more hope. Less backward thinking, more forward thinking.

Thank You Thank you to all my friends and readers of my journey and all the support you have given me, especially the last three days,

Love, Jenny Hynes

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