First Colds 2020- hard to believe we got sick with our tiny social circle, mask wearing and social distancing! At least it’s not Covid!

Saturday morning, Jacks feeling much better today. Fiona’s better but still coughing and tired. My throat is still sore, and my nose is runny. But I didn’t get a fever. Fiona is the only one who got a fever. I was in bed all day yesterday and feel like I should stay in bed again today. My body doesn’t like being in bed, I want to go for a walk. Maybe I’ll spend some time in the back yard.

I can’t stop thinking about next week. There’s no school on Monday, but what will happen Tuesday? I haven’t heard anything from anyone about the plan to get Fiona back into school. I want her to be included in school. I can’t take it anymore. When I go through all my e-mails from when Fiona first started kindergarten all the issues I brought up are the same exact issues that are keeping her from participating in school. It’s so frustrating. I can say Fiona is extremely happy she never has to be in those situations again. We also have had many conversations about what happened this past year and I think Fiona is good at getting it out, talking about it, and I think she will heal.

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