Category: being a mom and an artist

I’m a parent. I’m an artist. I’m an activist. I’m working on many projects and am trying to streamline, so I’m going to start brainstorming.  The weather is strange today. Windy, rainy, late May. Cold, suprisingly cold. I want to be a creative activist. I have several areas of focus. My medium is visual art, […]

Yesterday I got a shot of fresh depression. I was tired in the morning, but I went to yoga after drop off, and felt like I could have a productive, healthy day. I decided to print out all the e-mails I’ve sent the school District. I am starting my IEP file for Fiona. When I […]

Friday was a good day. I wrapped up my idea for my new book. It was intense, difficult, challenging. This book took a lot of work to get to this stage. I almost gave up on writing a chapter book, But I broke through this morning and figured out the flow I want. Now I […]

  Dark Quiet Mornings During my years of infertility, I had insomnia. (“My years of infertility”, like those years were a sickness.) But the truth is, I’ve always suffered from insomnia, even when I was a little girl. My bedroom windows looked just like my kitchen windows do, this morning. Dark, with my reflection, shiny […]

The sky is grey today, it’s damp, it’s winter. I am holding a sadness inside me. I don’t know why or how to shake it. It’s something that comes and attaches itself to me. All the sad things that have happened swell up. The mood leaves me no where to hide, no where to run.

An hour and a half-that’s what I have today. Time to write and draw.  My intention was for today to be a drawing day only, so I could resolve things. I added paint. My work is wet, and I want to continue working. I only have 40 minutes left. I went to the dentist this […]