A Truly New Beginning

If you walked in my house, now, you might think we are living in an alternate universe. It’s dark, corners claimed by forts, everything quiet but your typing, a kids show on u-tube, and sniffling. Constant sniffling. Sick kids in corners with computers. Parent types thru this pandemic. Writes letters and closer to a law suit than she’s ever been. An equal rights law suit of behalf of her deaf daughter.

I realized the Pandemic doesn’t give public institutions the right to not do the right thing. I’ve been so open and public about my deaf daughters experience, I was able to change her from HH to Deaf. I’ve learned legally it’s very important to make sure hearing status is correct inside the system. There’s enough research now to prove my daughter has been traumatized by being in the mainstream system. Nothing of my homeschool gen ed schools fault. The nature of a mainstream classroom is not suitable for my daughter to be in. It’s too loud, inefficient teacher-student ratio. Trauma happened in many ways. My daughter suffered extreme sadness and so did I.

But today is a new day. My daughter and I have decided she will suffer no more. We are changing everything that causes trauma. I know that sounds dramatic, and someday I hope I can really write about the specifics because they are ingrained in the system. Someday my daughter can explain it to you herself.

It’s a messed up system though. Financially I’ve invested so much money in Deaf Education Consulting Fees, Legal, plus years of writing e-mails, taking ASL classes, fighting for an interpreter and sign language. Always trying to COLLABORATE and COOPERATE! and in the meanwhile let my daughter suffer, encouraging her to try their way, I just felt guilty about thinking school district experts didn’t know what they were doing. Or sometimes I felt like I didn’t want to cost them money because of how scary public education budget cut backs have been. And plus I want to volunteer again at school and teach and work near where I live. I was scared I would get banned. Kicked out of school again. And I LOVE my schools and teachers! Just because we need to add more for deaf students doesn’t mean what they have going for hearing students is not good. It’s fantastic in my opinion.

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