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The middle of February, Saturday, mid-morning. The neighborhood is quiet, echoes from children’s voices are silent, the park empty. Airplane engines rumble, a weed blower buzzes. Birds chirp as the sun is covered by a thin cloud. A cool breeze blows and a dog barks. It hasn’t rained in weeks; the drought continues in California. […]

I did it! I successfully dropped Jack off for his first day of preschool! It worked out perfect because Fiona didn’t have school today, so she got to “come check out Jack’s school”. To make things even cooler, I pulled them to school in their trailer with my bike.  It was a quick ride, which […]

How can it be? Three years old today! Angels stop! STOP growing!! Jacks soft little foot rests on mine under the kitchen table. A sweet warm layer forms between our feet. I haven’t put on Fiona’s hearing aids yet, I keep feeling guilty. It seems like she’s fully enjoying Peppa Pig anyhow, and her peanut […]

We made it! Jack and Fiona are Two years and one day old. They had their big birthday bash yesterday, and it was great! I said I would never have a birthday party, that we would only celebrate as a family. But I went to a friends birthday party a couple months ago and my […]

Brutal. Remedies not working for ailments. Bad period. Morning is here. I’m 44. Why do I still have cramps? Turn on the kettle. I need to go downstairs and get babies. So glad I dressed Jack and Fiona in pajamas without feet on them last night. All I have to do is change their diapers […]

I’m not depressed, just melancholy. About all the time that has passed, all my life that I’ve already lived. How little time is left, how little time is always left at the end of every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year. The disappearance of time. In my studio today thinking […]

Angel food cake, that’s what I’ll make. Nine egg whites, I’ll top it with strawberries. I have a memory of my mom asking me, “What kind of cake do you want me to make you for your birthday?” I said, “Angel food cake.” Betty Crocker or was it Duncan Hines in a box, just add […]