Three Years Old! 

How can it be? Three years old today! Angels stop! STOP growing!! Jacks soft little foot rests on mine under the kitchen table. A sweet warm layer forms between our feet. I haven’t put on Fiona’s hearing aids yet, I keep feeling guilty. It seems like she’s fully enjoying Peppa Pig anyhow, and her peanut butter toast. Another thing I feel slightly guilty about, no special breakfast on their birthday. Haven’t made it to the store lately.  Fiona wants a second piece of Peanut Butter toast! I guess this proves things don’t need to be elaborate to be special!  

Three years old today! It’s hard to believe. And with their birthday comes my birthday right around the corner! Another year older myself, but I don’t feel it this year. I used to spend so much time worrying about how old I was. Not before I had kids, or started trying to get pregnant, but once I started the clock started ticking bigtime. When my mom died I really felt my life was speeding by and death was around the corner for me too. When Jack and Fiona were born I was fourty two, quickly turning fourty three! When they were babies I had moments of feeling self concious, like people thought I was their grandma. Lately I haven’t had any of those feelings. I feel like my age is perfectly matched with Fiona and Jacks age.  

We went to the San Francisco Aquarium yesterday; Alan, Danny, Jack, Fiona, and me. It is a beautiful Aquarium. I paid close mind to the noise level; for example when we got to the Jelly Fish exhibit a woman was talking on a Microphone, it was so loud I asked Fiona if she wanted me to take out her hearing aids. We used sign language together, teaching Danny signs along the way. It was really cool! When we got to the tidal pools it was a bit quieter so I put her hearing aids back on. Fiona was fearless; touching the sting ray, starfish, and a king snake. Jack was scared! 

We have the week off, no babysitter! Probably won’t get much time in my studio this week, but that’s O.K.. I’ll make up for it threefold when they are back in school. We have so much more time in life than we realize! 


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