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Sunday Special. Studio Time. Family Yoga. And putting my foot down. The day started off mellow, I told Jack and Fiona first thing in the morning that I wasn’t going to listen to their whining or fighting today. I had had enough. Alan is sick today, I need to take care of the babies by […]

I sit myself next to the kitchen window so I can see when Jack, Fiona, and Alan get home. Alan took them down to the park. They wouldn’t take their nap and when he got home I was at my wits end with a sink full of dishes and a look of despair on my face. How […]

Birds chirping, chimes making music, Jack and Fiona talking to each other in their locked room, it’s naptime. It’s possible they won’t go to sleep, but I still need my break. Fiona and I were early to pick Jack up from school today, I made the mistake of going in his classroom causing chaos. Jack […]

Step one: Yell “FUCK” in a long, slow, low, voice as the strawberry jam jar slips out of my hands and crashes onto the floor. Step Two: Say: “Jack step back, be careful, there’s glass everywhere.” Step Three: Stay calm Step Four: get a broom and dustpan, try to push everything to one area, being […]

I did it! I successfully dropped Jack off for his first day of preschool! It worked out perfect because Fiona didn’t have school today, so she got to “come check out Jack’s school”. To make things even cooler, I pulled them to school in their trailer with my bike.  It was a quick ride, which […]

How can it be? Three years old today! Angels stop! STOP growing!! Jacks soft little foot rests on mine under the kitchen table. A sweet warm layer forms between our feet. I haven’t put on Fiona’s hearing aids yet, I keep feeling guilty. It seems like she’s fully enjoying Peppa Pig anyhow, and her peanut […]