Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why you did it? Why you had kids? Why you wanted kids? It’s a trip. Then you walk in your room from the deck. A place to sit and take five. To your children watching Bob the Builder X-Mas, you have the heater on and it’s a cold winter night. Making it nice and cozy in the house. Your daughter is sitting on an arm chair with your pillows wrapped around her saying, “Jack, where am I?” he replies, “I can see you” But he giggles, he’s amused. I say, “Awww, how cute”, and they are, absolutely 100% adorable. But I do have the T.V. on. They are perfect with the T.V. on and when it’s not on, Jack asks me over and over again until I turn it on, which I know is my own doing. I give in 80% of the time these days. He’s so persistent, and I’m so overwhelmed in that sense, the keeping up with highly active twin’s thing. With being the perfect parent. Meaning trying to teach them how to behave. Or how I expect them to behave. Or “Go play with your toys”. It’s just exhausting. I realized I am on Full Time duty at least thirteen hours a day. When I work on my new manuscript, drawing from my time before kids, trying to have kids, I am struck by the amount of free time I had, even when I worked a full-time job because I would always get two full days off a week. All day and night. So, I ask you again, have you ever wondered why you did it? Not that you would change anything about your life at all and love your life and kids!

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