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Early November 2016, shook to my core. Sexism wins. My heart sinks, I’m mad, depressed, sick, it lasts, it lingers. It’s October 2017. Just start to recover. The trauma Trump brought up. The words he spoke, “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything…grab them […]

 Today we woke up to a surprise blue sky. I was expecting the worst, all the air quality reports said today would be the worst. The fires are still burning, the wind must have taken the smoke somewhere else for the day? Jack, Fiona, Billy, and I walked to the park. It was a wonderful […]

Today is a studio day. That is something to be VERY HAPPY for! I don’t have a crappy job. I’m writing and painting and being a super groovy mom. On Face Book a friend posted she wanted to hear some good news (it’s been depressing lately for so many of us).  Ones who care about […]

My second cup of coffee tastes good today, my cheese sandwich. Outside, pure gloom. Looks just like a foggy day, but it’s pure smoke. I feel myself slipping into this paranoid space. But most of all I find myself in total reality, everything is crystal clear, Smokey clear. This is what Smokey the bear was […]

Armageddon. I’m not feeling very comfortable with the thick, light grey, low lying, cool, eerie smoke-filled sky outside. Not one bit at all. It’s almost like in a movie, when everything gets still and then a catastrophic event happens. No one’s safe anymore. The hills look like they could ignite, like they are living creatures. […]

What is it about Mondays? Every week lately, when I wake up Monday morning there’s a catastrophic event. Today, the Fires, burn hot, red sun, Smokey skies. Depression, fear, general sickness sets in. I panic. What will I do, kids wanna play outside. They are finally starting to relax indoors now after we spent the […]

Field of grey; concrete bridge, cars, red emergency boxes. Me, sitting in my car. Waiting. I hear cars honking, work trucks beeps, jack hammers, the loud hum of the freeway. I hear planes overhead, big jet engines. The PA system mumble. Touch Down. Onto a hot tarmac, October in San Francisco. Blue Skies and all. […]