Bright Sun Fun

Kiddie pool, unicorn fountain, sunshine, birds chirp, fun summertime day. Fiona doesn’t have on her Right hearing aid. Now I don’t even put her left hearing aid in because it doesn’t help. I keep reminding Fiona’s dad and brother Jack to use sign. I teach them as many signs as they have patience for. I use sign and something starts to shift for me. My sign becomes more fluid and connected to my body, I’m communicating. Fiona is attentive and understands me. She asks me, “when does our ASL class start?”

Soon I hope, I’m still waiting for the details from the school.

Fiona stayed outside in the pool almost all day. That meant we used sign language all day. Now I feel like it’s never O.K. To not use sign with Fiona. I notice even with her hearing aid on it helps to sign and talk. Not every word but some.

In the morning Fiona watched Frozen twice in a row, the second time she turned it on I was exercising. The T.V. Was blaring so I ran out to help her adjust the volume. She said “NO I can’t hear it then” So I left it on that loud. She had her chair right by the T.V. I think it was the first time she heard the words. But it was WAY to loud.

I can’t take that away from her. She wants to hear for as long as she can.

I have a question and don’t know who to ask. I want a second opinion about what lexicon of sign language the interpreter should use at school for Fiona. The proposal at this point is ASL in English word order. I think it’s called signed english.

It’s crazy it took this long for things to fall “into place”. Not that things are wrapped up, we have a lot of work to do, but I feel like now I have more people supporting what I always knew Fiona needed.

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