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I’ve been thinking a lot about my parent training in the auditory/ oral method at my daughters school, on Friday. I’ve had several experiences with Fiona since then where I used one of the techniques I was taught, for example: asking Fiona “what did she say” at A birthday party We were at Saturday, a […]

“Is that the best ice cream ever” I ask Jack and Fiona. I sign it too, I know these signs well. One of Fiona’s hearing aids broke this week, now she’s not wearing the one that still works either. I practice signing this sentence several times- I keep my hands near my face, practice the […]

I went to Fiona’s IEP yesterday. Everything went smooth, she was offered the same services as she received last year, attendance at a Total Communication preschool and speech therapy. Fiona is right on track with most of her language skills. She’s having trouble producing letter combinations of letters she can not hear, which is normal […]

The middle of February, Saturday, mid-morning. The neighborhood is quiet, echoes from children’s voices are silent, the park empty. Airplane engines rumble, a weed blower buzzes. Birds chirp as the sun is covered by a thin cloud. A cool breeze blows and a dog barks. It hasn’t rained in weeks; the drought continues in California. […]

“Pajaro-cu-cu”, today I read this book to Fiona, this old book from my childhood, one of my favorites. I wonder, how did it even survive this long? It’s a book of “Animal Rhymes from Many Lands”, illustrated beautifully with what looks like monoprints. The book was published in 1967, this is the copy I have. […]

A beautiful late June morning. Blue sky, cool breeze, I see a small bird on top of a tall tree, it just flew down, probably catching a bug. The chimes blow softly, I hear a chain saw off in the distance. My dog lays patiently on the floor waiting to be fed breakfast. My children […]