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Saturday Night I said to Jack, “I’m hungry, I don’t know what to eat” “Make vegetable stew” Jack replied. His little body stood in the kitchen with me, his bright eyes melted my heart, as my son suggested a heart healthy meal, I should make for myself. “That’s a great idea Jack!” I said. I […]

Teddy Bear Pajama Picnic Day With pony tails and barrettes in her hair, Fiona was so happy. She held her pink care bear teddy with a rainbow in her lap as I strapped the seat belt and kissed her goodbye. I watched the bus drive away and still had a sadness deep inside. I thought […]

Tears, I hide my face under the blanket, don’t want Fiona to know I’m crying. We are laying in bed, Sunday afternoon.  We rarely, if ever do this. Maybe that’s a mistake. Alan and Jack are watching T.V. in the living room. I’m going to read Fiona some books, she’s not feeling well today. The […]

Questions about Listening and Spoken Language/ Falling in Line     “Just bring the ones you want to play with” I say to Fiona. “What” she says. I realize my back was turned to her. I turn around and say it again. We are bringing stuffies upstairs to play with. Fiona has a cough and […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about my parent training in the auditory/ oral method at my daughters school, on Friday. I’ve had several experiences with Fiona since then where I used one of the techniques I was taught, for example: asking Fiona “what did she say” at A birthday party We were at Saturday, a […]

“Is that the best ice cream ever” I ask Jack and Fiona. I sign it too, I know these signs well. One of Fiona’s hearing aids broke this week, now she’s not wearing the one that still works either. I practice signing this sentence several times- I keep my hands near my face, practice the […]