Day Nine of 20 Days in a Pandemic

There’s a little hum in the background I’m listening to my kids talk online to teachers and other students. It’s a quiet hum. They sound grown up. Then, Things change, I need to get up, I can tell Fiona’s FM isn’t plugged in. I can hear the person on the other side talking to her, but Fiona keeps talking about her super hero dolls! I go in and fix the FM connection. Things quiet down again. But Jacks done with his class. I rejoin him in the classroom. He’s working with a hot glue gun making a fort out of popsicle sticks.

Now Fionas done. I still haven’t gone in the studio. It’s been busy all day. My plan is to log them on at 2:00 for their closing circle and I’ll scoot down to my studio and paint a closing painting. A quick one. I might be able to start my stitching. I’m nervous because my hand is feeling sore.

I still haven’t made it to my studio yet. My son wants to ride his bike. Can I go in my studio while he rides his bike? No.

Jack rode his bike up and down the rode several times. He wanted to keep riding, but I wanted to go into my studio so bad. I encouraged Jack to watch u-tube, just for awhile. So I could work in my studio. I made it happen. I worked.

I had a quick fruitful session.

Optimism and determination always win

It is so Fall! I love it! I love the birds and the light, the shadows cast in October. I am looking forward to Fall. The figs are all rotting on the ground, little light sepia birds with tiny pebble eyes come to feast. A scattering on dry leaves curl beneath the tree.

A large oak tree branch broke at the park today. Just snapped off, it was the size of a large tree, the branch that broke off. The saws been going all day. The park that’s still closed and covered with caution tape. When will we ever be able to get back to the park?

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