Sunday Special

Sunday Special. Studio Time. Family Yoga. And putting my foot down.

The day started off mellow, I told Jack and Fiona first thing in the morning that I wasn’t going to listen to their whining or fighting today. I had had enough. Alan is sick today, I need to take care of the babies by myself which is unusual for a Sunday. I find a family yoga class nearby, it doesn’t start until 11:00 so I have plenty of time to get there toting three-year-old twins! Jack and Fiona are into the idea of going to a yoga class. We get to the studio, it’s in a Daily Method studio. I fall in love, they have a kid play room and offer childcare that corresponds with a few classes a day. There is a woman giving an essential oils class, and a Daily Method Barre class is just finishing up. The ladies look like they’ve had a great workout, very friendly too. No one seems annoyed there are several three-year old’s running around. The Yoga instructor has her three-year-old daughter with her. We set up our mats in a circle. Fiona does the whole class, she does a perfect down dog, hand stand on the wall, bridge pose, she tries everything the teacher says, during the louder, more active moves Jack joins in, he dances and does volcano and lions breath. Me and my babies hug a few times, I pretend I’m eating them during one of the movements, it’s so enjoyable for everyone. That might become a new routine!  After yoga class, we went out for Pizza and checked out a Space Museum; a couple is showing their collection of space suits and space craft stuff, actual pieces, like control panels and seats. They have a collection of model rockets and space tools. Most of the paraphernalia is Russian, she said a while back the Russians were so broke they were selling this stuff, she said it was hard to get the American stuff. When we get home, I put Jack and Fiona down for a nap. “If you guys don’t take a nap or be quiet and play I will separate you” I say. I give them about thirty minutes. They are laughing and carrying on so I go down. Jack has the sink overflowing with water again. I separate them, Jack in his bed, Fiona in the other room. They go right to sleep. I come straight to me studio, I start where I left off Friday night. I draw and paint. I paint three portraits just like in my dream. I listen to Miles Davis and smile. I did it, I controlled my own universe. I was able to give myself and my children exactly what we needed today, it went smooth. Now it’s time for Jack and Fiona to wake up from their nap. Dinner to be made, and the rest of the evening until bed time.

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