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“I want Fiona” Jack cries, next to me holding my leg as I wave at the school bus, driving Fiona to Preschool. Fiona gets on the bus happy, greeting her driver, Louie, getting into her seat with a smile on her face, excited to pick up her classmate at the next bus stop. In the […]

Walking down the trail this morning the wind starts to blow, the trees that still have leaves rustle, I hear a chime in the distance. I think of my mom, how she is part of everything, how she blows through me with the wind. I think of her laugh, her face, her skin, her voice. […]

February, almost two years ago, the days were still short, I remember carrying the babies into the house, it was dark already. The bassinets were set up ready for Jack and Fiona to lay in. I hadn’t seen Billy for almost five days. I missed her terribly. I opened the back door to let billy […]

here I am again, thank goodness.     Strange day today, strange day indeed. Cheerios got the better of me this morning. Jack stuck his spoon in the little tupperwear of cheerios, I thought he might like milk, so I added some. The whole container was on the floor in ten seconds flat.  “Mother fucker” no, […]