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here I am again, thank goodness.     Strange day today, strange day indeed. Cheerios got the better of me this morning. Jack stuck his spoon in the little tupperwear of cheerios, I thought he might like milk, so I added some. The whole container was on the floor in ten seconds flat.  “Mother fucker” no, […]

I heard a thump as Jack slipped and hit his face on the log we were climbing on. He started to cry, I picked him up and bright red blood came down his chin, and from his mouth. This was the second time today that he busted his lip, but this time there was a […]

I am ready to receive, I need to nurture myself. I can’t worry about other people anymore, not for a while. Now is not the time. I need to protect myself first, to take care of Jack and Fiona and Billy. To be here for Alan, Danny, and my good friends. I need my energy […]

I crossed the line, in the parking lot outside my fancy gym. Someone could see me. I think it through, looking side to side, at where I parked. Could I squat beside my car? Too visible. I put Jack and Fiona in their seats, fold up the stroller, load it in the back with the […]

Monday morning. 7:26 A.M. Make coffee despite my goal to drink green tea. (“Pre-cleanse”) Every step along the way I have an opportunity to switch; just pour the boiling water into a cup with a green tea bag. I take a sip of my coffee, I could just throw it away right now and not […]