Category: Faze Free

The air is fresh and crisp this morning, sky blue, hills tan. The freeway rumbles and crows caw. I see humming birds on the lavender, it’s nearly August. Last night I noticed how much earlier it seemed to get dark as I tucked Jack and Fiona into bed. Summer is starting to fade into the […]

I notice tiny little leaves at the end of each branch on our fig tree. They look like green origami ready to move in slow motion and take a new shape. I tell my husband I can’t believe winter is over, it seems like it never got cold, that the yard was never barren this […]

I did my radio interview this morning about my book, Nap Time Paintings. It will be available free on i-tunes! It was so fun. I was nervous I would forget what to say, or stumble, but every time I did that I gracefully caught my thoughts, shouted out what the most important thing was and […]

Field of grey; concrete bridge, cars, red emergency boxes. Me, sitting in my car. Waiting. I hear cars honking, work trucks beeps, jack hammers, the loud hum of the freeway. I hear planes overhead, big jet engines. The PA system mumble. Touch Down. Onto a hot tarmac, October in San Francisco. Blue Skies and all. […]

Daisies; So many green stems, yellow and white flowers, crows and hawks talking to each other. Children’s voices in the distance. Jack wants to watch a show. Alan wants us all to be together in one location. I want to go with the ebb and flow of the children and my creativity. Sit outside, listen […]

Getting away, up in the fog, on the coast. Red Ants and sand. River, butterflies, dragon flies, flutter, land on Fionas shoulder. Sun on my back, is it too much? Moving from a sunny spot to a shady spot. Soft sand or hard hot rocks. Pollywogs and tiny little frogs. Swimming a fish jumps out […]

I grab the two zip lock baggies out of the fridge, one marked “Fiona” one marked “Jack”, walk over to the trash can cringing, “I’m sorry, I feel bad” I say to myself.  I toss the bags with half eaten chocolate bunnies in the trash. I shove them down below the empty boxes of Chinese […]