Sunday Morning

Good morning! I hope you can rest today. There’s a lot going on it the world today, a lot going on here in America. But it’s Sunday.

I have started my final push to prepare for the Multiple Subject CSET. I finished studying for the Language, English, and writing section now I’m moving on to History. I think I slept through every History class I had in high school. I only remember my teacher putting on movies of WWII. I don’t think I had very good teachers.

In Junior college I had an interesting American history class. My teacher was a First Peoples and spent most of our class time talking about freeing Leonard Peltier.

He would rush through the text book and give us multiple choice question tests that somehow the majority of the students would have copies of beforehand. There was a lot of cheating going on. I learned a lot about the police and Leonard Peltier but not much else.

I hope I can absorb enough History to pass the CSET History section! Then I will move onto Math and Science. Which I think I will do fine after refreshing my memory, I took many science classes because originally I was planning on going to nursing school. It’s a lot to study and remember but I’m enjoying it.

My next pre-requisite psychology of adolescents starts in two weeks. I’m excited for that class! That will help me prepare for the human development portion of the multiple subject CSEST.

I’m feeling confident and grounded today. I feel I can dig deeper with eating healthier, my fitness, and my studies. I feel like I can get the laundry done and the groceries bought. I feel like I can find time to get back in my studio starting this week.

On a side note I realized I’ve gotten a vaccination every month for the past three months snd I have two more to go! 2 covid vaccinations starting March 20th, then a TDAP, then this week an MMR and Chicken Pox, and next month I have to take my second MMR and chicken pox vaccine! crazy huh! My immunity is revving up big time!

I feel pretty good though, no lasting side effects. I’m so thankful we have vaccines. I am concerned about the world and think America and any government who can should send help and vaccines to all countries around the world. I’m disturbed that America has it so good and we still have people who flaunt our success and take for granted the work it took to get here. I think it’s crazy we have to bribe people to get vaccinated here when countries around the world desperately want and need vaccines! It makes me very uncomfortable. I am also uncomfortable with the mask situation. Obviously if people don’t believe in vaccines or even covid why would they continue to wear masks even if they are not vaccinated? They won’t. Its going to be strange going in public now. I think I would still wear a mask inside? My kids have to, they aren’t protected.

Its a tricky situation. Good Luck on your end no matter your situation. We can only hope that people follow common sense. We can also hope that America and other wealthy nations realize we live in a global society and that they help as much as they can all the countries suffering in the world.

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