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An hour and a half-that’s what I have today. Time to write and draw.  My intention was for today to be a drawing day only, so I could resolve things. I added paint. My work is wet, and I want to continue working. I only have 40 minutes left. I went to the dentist this […]

“Misogynistic Oppression”, that’s what I wrote on my white terry cloth arm bands with a black sharpie yesterday. It was right before we started to kick and punch the giant torso of clay Jill set up for us. This was the second to last meeting of our Parent Artist Residency, Being Human. This week’s project […]

I cough, start to type. Today I am going to my studio to paint. It’s effort because I have a cough, woke up at 4:30 AM. It starts with a little tickle. The Nyquill and hot whiskey from the night before has worn off. I think, maybe the coughing will stop, maybe I can go […]

I have never had a pear as delicious as the one I am eating right now. It’s…. I just sat here for seconds, maybe minutes tasting pieces of the pear, trying to….I just did it again, tasted a bunch of pieces trying to decide how to put this taste into words. I’m not even going […]

I walk into my studio. I feel I can only accomplish a small amount of work, not much time left before my babysitter is off. I look at my notebooks, I have been working on eight consistently; my goal, to have three done for my show next year. The last day I worked in my […]

I’m doing something bad right now. I’m drinking a cup of coffee and eating cookies, it’s 1:00PM in the afternoon. There goes all that hard work on the spin bike, here comes a night of possible insomnia. But it tastes so good, so right. Now I have that rush of warmth, a full belly. One […]