Category: moments without children

Happy. Made my bed. Thought I was cured. Thought I had it all figured out. Lined the sides of my bed with dirty laundry stacked flat. Told the person I thought was in charge I was feeling better, I was ready to wash my clothes. She gleamed, smiled wonderful. “Where’s the washer and dryer?” I […]

Marinate; children, stew, wood, paintings, art, books, words, wardrobes, faces, nature, workouts, experience. The sweet spring birds are singing a song outside. I questioned the use of adjectives in my sign language class last night, I talked about verbs with Jack and Fiona yesterday, too. I fought with my feelings of the word hate. I […]

I can’t believe I only have maybe twenty minutes left before my morning free time is over. I feel a panic in my chest. I sat outside in the back yard under the sun this morning, alone with the robins. It was so beautiful. It was quiet, only the sounds of the chimes and birds […]

O.K., here I am. Two hours left. Paper laid out. Works in progress. Laid out. Second guessing my decision to NOT bring down a mini bottle of SAKE because it would send the wrong message. Change my mind, two hours, enough time to have a mini glass of SAKE, toast the GHOSTS of the season. […]

Alan and I had a day off together yesterday without babies. We were both extremely tired so we did the usual thing, lunch and a movie, then a stop at the grocery store before returning home. I noticed a pear in our grocery cart that was dented because Alan placed a can of tuna on […]