Put a paintbrush in my hand and lock the door

Homeschool has started. I missed a few weeks writing. I was busy with educational, advocacy, domestic and medical work. I think I’m getting closer to carving out time on a regular basis to work in my studio and write. I found a part-time babysitter. My previous sitter from when Jack and Fiona were little! She’s amazing and I feel so grateful she didn’t already have another gig!

Also school so far is going well, their teacher is amazing! The issues I thought I would have had with virtual learning I have not had yet. But we’ve only just began. My kids are trying hard and Jacks learning to control his frustration but not his body! He still can’t stop fidgeting and walking away from the computer. I have to sit and enforce him. And at this moment with the babysitter Jack is screaming at my door because it’s almost time for his Zoom meeting. He wants me to log him in. He wants to go back to the park but it’s technically closed. We went down a few days ago to ride skateboards and bikes on the blacktop but I couldn’t keep them off the closed play structure. Now he asks me every moment “can we go to the park?”

I need this break!

Tomorrow I will work in my studio for sure. And everyday that I have a babysitter unless I choose to go for a hike. or take a bath or anything without kids or anyone around me.

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