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I haven’t been posting as much lately because I’m in the thick of sending out sell sheets to bookstores promoting Nap Time Paintings! I’ve also been writing a lot for my new book project! I miss my studio and my daily blog posts! I’ll be back soon! I received this e-mail last week: “Congratulations. As […]

My throat hurts. I took too much medicine to sooth myself and I feel like laying down, the kind of way you feel when there’s a gas leak in your house. I’ve done so well. I am so happy. I got my review from The Pacific Book Review’s and it is awesome! I can’t wait […]

2008, I first think Obama, then it says Time For Change in a circle boarder with three paws and it says PETCO. Then I think that’s the year my mom died, and I realize 2008 was a long time ago. I grab a scoop of Billy’s dog food, that’s what I came in the pantry […]

Yes, it is. And BETTER than ever. Its DAMN hard work writing and Self Publishing! Im gonna take a hot bath, but i LOVE MY BOOK, the content is exactly what i want!!! Just cross your fingers for the structure to hold up to the writing and artwork. 

I recieved my paperback copy of my book , Nap Time Paintings yesterday. I am totally dissapointed. It looks like a cheap overpriced magazine. It was marketed to me as a coffee table book. I shouldn’t have shared it on Face Book and Word Press before I recieved my copy, I was just so excited. […]