Joys and Flus

My throat hurts. I took too much medicine to sooth myself and I feel like laying down, the kind of way you feel when there’s a gas leak in your house. I’ve done so well. I am so happy. I got my review from The Pacific Book Review’s and it is awesome! I can’t wait to share it! The reviewer also loved my art work. But I can’t celebrate because I fear I am getting the flu my kids have had all week. I’m also scared my husband is getting it and he’ll be super tired when he gets home too. What if I must take care of everything tonight but I get a fever, because I feel I’m on the verge of a fever. The other day at the park I got this strange feeling, my body was so still, my mind, it was like a drug. But I had a feeling it was the Flu Virus, working its way into my body. Taking all my energy. The next day, which was yesterday I made broccoli and mushroom soup and I’ve been gorging on it to stay healthy. I washed my hands a million times and didn’t share food with the babies all week. I couldn’t keep it up well enough or maybe too much of Jack and Fiona’s sneezes and coughs in my face! So, I’m scared. I have one and a half hours until my babysitter is off. I think I should watch a trippy movie or take a nap. I’m just anxious to work on my next book and get back into the studio and start my next series. I think I’ll take the next few days off and rest.  

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