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Layers of skin and organs and blood and pain. Layers of joy and pleasure and softness. Layers of hardness and calluses and sun spots and crusty toe nails. Layers of stress and relaxation. Of noticing, of ignoring. Of panicking, of accepting. I hate myself. I love myself. I hate him, her, them, us, our world. […]

Since it getting close to my birthday I’ve decided to write my Advice list for new moms with twins. This is being written one year into raising twins. *This list is for entertainment purposes ONLY #1. When you first bring the babies home you need help. Choose wisely, avoid letting anyone come live with you […]

I am so tired. Faces covered in yogurt, crumbs from cornbread pizza, goat cheese, and pears. Filthy High Chairs, floor dirty, yawn, yawn. Yesterday was a one nap day. We met our friends, Bettina, Willa, and Eliza at the Corte Madera Play area. I was already tired from the day before. Bettina and I try […]

The moment we get into the nursery we all relax. Just upstairs Jack and Fiona were crying, grabbing the spoon, covering themselves in pea soup. Me, getting more and more frustrated, looking at the mess to clean after I put the babies to bed. Downstairs I set the lighting, I turn on a nursery songs […]

How will I get through the rest of the day?  I am not complaining, I am serious. I pick my baby girl up out of her crib at 7:00 am. She gives me a big smile. I hug her, she coughs, I think it’s just something stuck in her throat. She can’t be sick. She […]

I see my reflection in the window with the glow of the computer screen on my face. It’s still dark outside. The house is asleep. The kettle is humming. I go over to turn it off before it beeps and graze my little toe on the corner of the high chair, the plastic pinches and […]