What did she say?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my parent training in the auditory/ oral method at my daughters school, on Friday. I’ve had several experiences with Fiona since then where I used one of the techniques I was taught, for example: asking Fiona “what did she say” at A birthday party We were at Saturday, a young lady gave the rules for the petting zoo. There was background noise, the lady was a couple feet taller than Fiona, and Fiona understood nothing that was said.

I was given a roger microphone, its a device that amplifies my voice so it goes directly into Fionas ears. Fiona does not want me to use it.

Every-time I have the oral method emphasized I walk away feeling like I’ve been robbed. Its a strange feeling. I appreciate the training and learn a lot. I know the extra work the teachers do in the auditory listening skills benefits Fiona. I do not want to take this away in any way. But I guess I feel there is a disconnect. I am a strong believer in Total Communication, that means using all the resources available for learning language- sign, oral, making sure the child can see the face of the person talking and other communication techniques that help deliver information.

Fiona is finally starting to use sign on her own expressively. I don’t like the idea of taking sign away from her, she’s deaf, Deaf, don’t know if she’s capital D or lower case d. Sign Language is her first language. We are doing SEE, Signing Exact English, now, but we will transition to ASL at some point.

On Friday I was told, and Coincidentally watched “Born this Way, Deaf Out Loud” where one of the people talked about how using the FM system and sign at the same time is not beneficial. There is a lag time between the spoken word that gets transmitted into Fionas hearing aid and the sign, meaning the interpreter is a few seconds behind the speaker. There’s also the complication of who does Fiona pay attention to, the teacher speaking or the interpreter?

Maybe it would be beneficial to use an interpreter sometimes and not the FM system, and sometimes just the FM system? This is the complication of a mainstream classroom. There should be a Total Communication Classroom in every school.

I just don’t feel comfortable not teaching my deaf daughter sign.

Her hearing could decline, that is a big possibility.

She may not want cochlear implants

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