Category: raising twins

First course: Edamame and cherry tomatoes, next chicken soup and cheese pizza. Jack and Fiona work on taking the peas out of the edamame shells and taking sips of soup, “mmmm” they like it, I fire up another pan on the stove, chop some garlic, add it to the pan, avocado oil, then the broccolini, […]

(Fionas’ IEP. Having no childcare with twins.) It’s 2:25 Friday afternoon. I just heard Jack say “mama” shit! I just put them down for their nap, sat down to write and poured myself a glass of wine. Finally, a break. Maybe he’ll go back to sleep. This week went by so fast. I think the […]

Yum, my coffee is good this morning. My toast just right, I picked the right chair. It’s 5:49 A.M. Saturday. I’m the first one up, woken by a ships fog horn in the bay. The sky is still at its darkest morning dark. I am glad to be on this side of yesterday, I had […]

I cradled Jacks wet body in my arms, his head relaxed with a smile, his hair damp on his forehead. I moved him around in the water, swoosh, swoosh. I couldn’t feel my own body, I couldn’t tell if the water was warm or cold. My feet didn’t send any messages about the bottom, was […]

It was late, almost 8:00PM, way past the babies’ usual bedtime. We had a few diaper situations tonight that took a while to deal with times two. In between the yucky stuff we’ve had a nice evening together, relaxing and watching a cartoon, Masha and the Bear that makes the babies crack up, their little […]

I find half a cup of black coffee from this morning, “Oh cool, I can use this now in my studio.” I head down as quickly as possible, Jack and Fiona just went down for their nap, I probably have two hours to paint. I start to feel better immediately as I tear and prepare […]