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The sun is shining. Bulbs pop up from the cold February ground. I bet if I looked closely, I would catch a glimmer of brown branches with tiny green spots giving away the secret Spring is on the way. I like my new time. I like it a lot. I’m completely letting go of what […]

Yesterday was a day I waited patiently for. I knew it was the best thing that could happen, that we would do as a family. I only recently learned it would be ASL as opposed to SEE sign, American Sign Language instead of signing exact English. I never really knew how Jack and Alan would […]

November engulfs me. It enchants me, spider webs, dampness, creepy crawlies, the cold achy sad bones, memories. Sad ones and happy ones. Mostly quiet ones. Make a few changes, put in the effort. Two paper plate turkey’s look at me with bobble eyes, the dishwasher hums. I worry about my time running out. I worry […]

This will be one of those blog posts that people read and say “oh my gosh, you seem really stressed!” I do feel stressed today and I just can’t understand why Jack and Fiona can’t understand the toilet bowl cleaner and plunger are grost! Fiona had a HUGE poopy diaper, I have her on the […]

As I sit down at my computer I realize I’ve just gone through another transformative experience. I’m about to document it. It won’t all be revealed at a single time, most things with so much impact never do. Jack and Fiona are down for their morning nap. (Twin Tip:  Now that the babies are fourteen […]