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Today my crit group helped me curate my 50 pieces for installation in the 50/50 show at Sanchez Art Center. I had so many great moments working on this project, hard moments, but worth it moments. I was manic at times, totally drained at others. I scraped, peeled, painted, stained, washed, pressed, collaged, destroyed, and […]

“Mom, do these break?” Jack asks. “Yes, everything breaks” I say. “Is this delicate? How can this break?” Fiona asks. “If you hit it with a hammer, or if I run over it with my car it will break” I say. I tried to put only non-breakable ornaments on the tree. That’s what I told […]

I wake up on a beautiful October morning. Jacks sick, so he stays home from school. I turn on the T.V. for him and bright red Breaking News flashes the screen. I’m used to this, everyday this summer there’s been breaking news of some sort, mostly related to the Trump. Then “pa, pa, pa, pa, […]

   It takes a long time. I started off the morning on the deck with Jack and Fiona, I had one of my notebooks from my note book project. (One of my thoughts is to keep one with me while on domestic duty) I bought Jack and Fiona each thier own notebook. Of course most […]

I worry about the future of our planet, the future of my kids. I worry so much about the drought, the plants and animals. I fear it’s too late for us to change. I turned on cartoons this week for Jack and Fiona. I started watching a show to see what it was like and […]

Saturday night, 7:45PM I hear a wail from Jack, I go down to the nursery and Fiona’s awake too. I think maybe they are hungry. I make two new bottles, they didn’t finish their bedtime bottles but I threw them away. They sip on the bottles but are more excited I am here. They smile […]

The best thing I’ve done lately is started drinking coffee again. It’s so delicious. Coffee. Jack’s still sick. His face is shiny and wet. He’s been coughing, I rub his back and get a little sad. The poor thing. I started hating on myself yesterday, “I’ve eaten so many chocolate chip cookies, I went two […]