50/50 Show Sanchez Art Center curated, next project in the wings

Today my crit group helped me curate my 50 pieces for installation in the 50/50 show at Sanchez Art Center.

I had so many great moments working on this project, hard moments, but worth it moments. I was manic at times, totally drained at others. I scraped, peeled, painted, stained, washed, pressed, collaged, destroyed, and resurrected for nearly 50 days. I mostly binge painted. I have:

My son just walked in mid thought, mid writing, its like he wants to annoy me.

It’s been two days since I started this post. My son has been going through a phase. It’s been so draining. But I think I cracked the code! I know he’s felt jealous of the extra attention I give Fiona. At least I think he is. His misbehavior got way worse after Fiona lost her hearing in her left ear and had her ear infection. I’ve had to be on top of my game with learning ASL, getting the whole family to take the ASL class together, making sure I’m teaching Fiona as much vocabulary as Jack automatically gets just by incidental hearing. Fiona and I also share the love of art and animals. I’ve struggled to spend quality time with Jack lately even though I try. But yesterday I figured out his love, games! We played checkers and Alan taught him how to play Chess. He was on top of the moon. His bad behavior stopped. He turned into the sweet Jack he always was. Jealousy is no excuse for bad behavior, but raising twins is a delicate balance.

Special time with Jack means playing games! I got this!

Two weeks left until Kindergarten starts! Its so crazy, I can’t believe it. This week the kids are at camp. I’m going to wrap up my statement for my 50/50 show, start my new portrait project for a show coming up late fall, and work on my second book! I also want to do some purging!

Lets hope the positive behavior continues with Jack this week!

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