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A tea stain from a splatter on thick watercolor paper. One dark line encloses light pink, a red drip and green at the bottom is all I can see of a painting above my head on a shelf. One time I told my friend I was wanted to propose an installation piece to an arts […]

Babies breaking down, just put them in their play and packs, looks like they’ll take a second nap. Not 100% sure they will sleep, they are both whining/crying/ annoying me right now. But it’s only 3:00, we have a long way to go. Definitely not enough time to go work in studio, but enough time […]

This will be one of those blog posts that people read and say “oh my gosh, you seem really stressed!” I do feel stressed today and I just can’t understand why Jack and Fiona can’t understand the toilet bowl cleaner and plunger are grost! Fiona had a HUGE poopy diaper, I have her on the […]