Breakin Down

Babies breaking down, just put them in their play and packs, looks like they’ll take a second nap. Not 100% sure they will sleep, they are both whining/crying/ annoying me right now. But it’s only 3:00, we have a long way to go. Definitely not enough time to go work in studio, but enough time to write, maybe. I got to work on some quick prints this morning during the first nap.


I had insomnia last night because of my ear, a piercing pain, from the cold, maybe that’s what’s wrong with the babies? There’s nothing I can do for them, they just have to ride it out. I wanted to go work in the studio at 2:30AM but I talked myself out of it. I did have visions of a “self-portrait” done with drypoint and monoprint. I barely got into it before the babies woke up from their nap. Printmaking is hard to do quick, it takes time to build up the colors on the plate, to experiment, to get surprises. I’m also running out of paper every other day. This is not good.


Fiona is making high pitched wails, it’s getting under my skin. Everything’s getting under my skin. That’s what happens in this situation, we’ve all been sick, we’re all tired, no one is sleeping good. I bet Fiona has the ear pain, she’s so congested. There’s nothing I can do. What am I going to do about my paper situation? What am I going to do about my storage situation? The only thing I can do is keep on working. I need to work on some recycled pieces. I need to. I need to. I need to.


I think they are finally quiet, I think they will sleep for awhile. My body is beginning to relax, I can make it through the rest of the night. Jack and Fiona will be refreshed, maybe. Fiona is still upset. I can’t decide if I should go check on her, make sure she hasn’t thrown Tiger out of the crib. But most of the time it’s a mistake to check. Well I just checked on her and she’s fine, she’s exhausted, but wants up. I gave her some Tylenol incase it’s the ear pain.  It’s really hard when kids are sick.

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