Jennifer Amy Hynes

Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

That’s how my day felt. Like the spin cycle. It didn’t stop me from laughing during my morning meditation. Laugh at my 7:00 AM thoughts when both kids were up already, before my coffee and breakfast. Muttering under my breath as I boiled water, made toast, fuck shit fuck. I just wanted some time alone […]

My therapist really helped me get back in my studio. She gave me the push I needed. It makes a world of difference. I was getting pretty bad. I would read the news. My heart would sink, legs grew weak. Was this reality. Is this really happening. From day one, the day he was there, […]

Blue sky, Kindergarten teachers voice from inside house echo Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Children’s stories, unicorns, rainbows, invisible, morphing super hero. House school restaurant. Breaking News. Pandemic. Meditate. Everyday. Breath. Panic. Worry. Fear. Remembering, reminding myself. BE Here. Relax in the worry. Bring Peace to my space. My children’s as we live in a time of […]

The birds chirp today, sky blue, acacia blooms bright yellow. It’s chilly still, but beautiful and even warm under the sun. I finally feel a bit of calm, even with my relentless insomnia. Sleepless nights, every night, when will I sleep again? The house is quiet except for my dog breathing and the refrigerator hum. […]

The sun is shining. Bulbs pop up from the cold February ground. I bet if I looked closely, I would catch a glimmer of brown branches with tiny green spots giving away the secret Spring is on the way. I like my new time. I like it a lot. I’m completely letting go of what […]

“Hey, do you have a phone?” a woman asks people as they pass by in the plaza. “They always lie” she says looking my way. “Do you have a phone? My battery died” she asks me. “I think my batteries dead too” I say. Which is a partial lie. I’m sitting in the plaza eating […]

“Here’s the plate mom” Fiona says. She says it several times, I should have ran over and grabbed the plate. She was being helpful. I was too busy cooking dinner and gathering flashlights and candles for the safety box. Fiona had been putting the little tea candles back in the tin they came in. She […]