Jennifer Amy Hynes

Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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My mom always told me she was 5’7 and I was 5’6. “I have long legs and a short torso, and you have short legs and a long torso.” She told me. I have broad shoulders, she had narrow shoulders. “You walk like a duck” she would say to me. I worked on my stride. […]

I decided to paint white over some of the paintings I started yesterday. I worked on my new manuscript all morning, the process of organizing my chapters, the practice of writing scenes from memory, the insomnia the night before followed by last nights deep rest inspired me to go farther in my quest for what’s […]

Fan clangs in the ceiling, Children’s voices from the hall, Seven more minutes before ceremony, Seven more minutes of quiet, Seven more minutes of bubbles tickling the hair on my legs, Six more minutes to worry someone’s going to knock on my door, Six more minutes to worry I forgot to push in the little […]