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This is the deal, right here. Black and white, legs stretched out wide, she’s a beautiful dog. Content because I took her for a walk.  Making GREAT headway on my book, Nap Time Paintings.  In fact, I have learned more the way that things have gone than if they had gone how I imagined they […]

I recieved my Galleys yesterday for Naptime Paintings! The writing part of this project, the editing service, has gone well, so when I saw my manuscript interior and cover design yesterday I was disappointed.  The cover looks so cheesy, the titles of my paintings are super imposed on top of my paintings and they aren’t […]

I wake up on a beautiful October morning. Jacks sick, so he stays home from school. I turn on the T.V. for him and bright red Breaking News flashes the screen. I’m used to this, everyday this summer there’s been breaking news of some sort, mostly related to the Trump. Then “pa, pa, pa, pa, […]

I was so glad when I looked at the clock and it was 5:18 am, I thought for sure it was going to say 3am or 4am. I got 6 hours of sleep, not ideal but not horrible. I’ve been in a state of mania; my studio is covered from wall to wall with work […]

“it’s not healthy to keep eating a whole bunch” I say to Jack. He wants another Klondike cookie sandwich ice cream. They are good. I could eat another one too. It’s hot today. Very Hot! But it’s also National Beer day, I’m drinking a Lagunitas IPA. I had a good day in the studio. Painted […]

The space in between. In between two paper turkeys that hang on the wall from over a year ago. Above the kitchen table, many meals shared. The crows cawing loud today. What are you cawing about crow? September heat rot summer figs. Dried dark purple corpses, tears down the middle, reminiscence of pink and yellow […]

 Myanmar Refugees, earthquake and hurricane victims stain my paper. Ghosts. Shadows illuminated by the sparkly Autumn light. The world is a cruel place. Studio, Children; sanctuaries; escapes into creativity. In the morning, while we are waiting for the bus, Fiona hands me a little cream-colored kitty cat. She has all her little stuffed animals. “let’s […]