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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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It’s a lonely world. Or is it just here, or is it just me? I always feel like an outsider. I always try to grab a hold of friends and family and pull them in my direction. But they hardly ever follow. Instead I meet new people. Every time I change. I feel like I […]

Yesterday was a day I waited patiently for. I knew it was the best thing that could happen, that we would do as a family. I only recently learned it would be ASL as opposed to SEE sign, American Sign Language instead of signing exact English. I never really knew how Jack and Alan would […]

“Mom, did you wear hearing aids when you were a baby?” “No Fiona, I didn’t because I when I was born, I could hear. “ “I don’t want to wear hearing aids.” Fiona said. She let her head hang towards the floor. I had my head peered out the bathroom door. I wanted to make […]

Creek, only a trickle of water left below a backdrop of tan hills. Rust colored bay leaves on the dry ground, fallen tree, roots exposed, cut, covered in dirt, spiderwebs. Moss fading on tree trunks, birds chirp and woodpeckers peck. I write on the back of Jack and Fiona’s summer school schedule as I sit […]