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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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Evaluations and Transitions It is day eleven of my vegan, no oil, lifestyle. I feel proud and am finally over the hump of the adjustment. I have learned a lot about making vegan meals and feeding myself so I’m not constantly hungry. I finally slept better last night too. I have seen patterns, my eating […]

Last night, before my sign language class, I put sweet potatoes in the oven to bake. I was determined to make a hearty meal for myself. I got my blood test results on January 27th, and started immediately altering my diet that first week, but I hadn’t yet eliminated all oil, nuts, or avocado. On […]

Saturday Night I said to Jack, “I’m hungry, I don’t know what to eat” “Make vegetable stew” Jack replied. His little body stood in the kitchen with me, his bright eyes melted my heart, as my son suggested a heart healthy meal, I should make for myself. “That’s a great idea Jack!” I said. I […]

February Why do you do this to me February? Only two days in, wind howls, grey clouds move across sky, across body. Heart beats, tightness, no sleep. Rain drops at 3:00AM, I want to love the sound, but I need the rest. Can’t shake death. February, why are you so addicted to death? You won’t […]

Teddy Bear Pajama Picnic Day With pony tails and barrettes in her hair, Fiona was so happy. She held her pink care bear teddy with a rainbow in her lap as I strapped the seat belt and kissed her goodbye. I watched the bus drive away and still had a sadness deep inside. I thought […]

Tears, I hide my face under the blanket, don’t want Fiona to know I’m crying. We are laying in bed, Sunday afternoon.  We rarely, if ever do this. Maybe that’s a mistake. Alan and Jack are watching T.V. in the living room. I’m going to read Fiona some books, she’s not feeling well today. The […]