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Thoughts on Motherhood Through the Eyes of an Artist

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I’m looking out at the great big blue pacific ocean. We are on our vacation, this time we headed south to Aptos. Our usual route is North to Mendocino. Its nice to be by the coast, to hear the waves crash, rumble below. I don’t want to get back into my car, I don’t want […]

Jack is watching u-tube on the T.V., some monster truck thing. Fiona is watching a unicorn video on my i-phone. This is the second time I have let my kids, Fiona being the only one so far, watch u-tube on my phone. The reason this happened was because yesterday I downloaded Care Bear ASL for […]

I’m a parent. I’m an artist. I’m an activist. I’m working on many projects and am trying to streamline, so I’m going to start brainstorming.  The weather is strange today. Windy, rainy, late May. Cold, suprisingly cold. I want to be a creative activist. I have several areas of focus. My medium is visual art, […]

I’ve been wanting to write, but not finding the time. Finally got in the studio! Feeling creative again! Feeling relieved, Fiona’s IEP is finished, she’s set up for Kindergarten, at our Homeschool!!! We get to walk! So happy about that. And, the BIG news is I took my blood tests on Saturday and my lipids […]

How do I even begin? I feel great relief, a sense of freedom on my horizon. I finally finished the process of deciding Fiona’s education plan and feel like I’ve received the information I needed. I feel like I’ve made my decisions as best as I can. It’s been intense. As intense as it was […]